“2020 Brings us into a new world where being healthy is our top priority. Yoga is an effective way to bring us towards complete wellness for physical and mental strength for us to adapt, evolve and grow.”

- Riana A. Singgih

Why Choose Riana Yoga?

A guided Yoga practice that balances alignment and movement. Open your mind and be aware of the movements you make. Generate and channel your energy into the right places within.

Welcoming & Safe Space

Our Yoga classes is suitable for everyone regardless of age or gender. We have Yoga classes from beginners to advance levels.


Relieves aches and pains in the body, and muscle tightness. Improves blood circulation to the legs, spine, neck, shoulders, lower back and hips.

Small Class Size

Ensures that each student has the attention of our certified teachers.

Solid Yoga Foundation

Focusing on alignment and correct practice habits, we strive to inculcate good basic Yoga foundation that will stay with you.

Yoga Props

Our studio is equipped with many yoga props such as ropes and chairs. Especially beneficial for those with health issues.

Teacher Training

Traditional values, modern approach.

Our teacher training program that started more than 2 decades ago is known to produce knowledgeable and compassionate teachers.

The program is continuously updated to be relevant to produce confident teachers that have the skills and are ready to teach in this ‘new world’.


Therapeutic Wellness (TW) Program

Our studio’s iconic program to manage pain and ‘repair’ the body through Yoga.

When we are in physical pain, we cannot function and think well.

With our roots in Iyengar Yoga known for its therapeutic effect, our qualified teachers continuously explore and train to help people with various health issues such as back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain and scoliosis.


"I used to have nagging lower back pain that hinders my daily activities. Suzan taught me techniques to improve my posture. The result was amazing as the pain is gone after a few classes."

- Koh Kim

"Always feel great after every class! Fun and interactive sessions!"

- Ranjeeta Hari Dass

"the teachers are well trained, dedicated to the practice and to their students. Love the fact that they give individual attention to every student"

- Anupama Kishna